2018 Region 6 Championships



The 2018 Region 6 Championships were played at Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club on Sunday 15th July.    The winners of Central Coast championship events played off against Lake Macquarie District winners.     The weather was sunny and quite warm which was welcomed by players and spectators alike.   Huge crowds supported their players and the atmosphere was great.   The Open and Senior Pairs, Open and Senior Fours and the Mixed Pairs were played in the morning and because players from both districts doubled up, the Triples and Singles were played in the afternoon.  


Singles:   Winner:   Karen Croker (Avoca Beach)  Runner up: Sharon Gilmore (Valentine)

Open Pairs:

Winners:        Raewang Namutwong, Gayle Gannon (Charlestown)

Runners Up:   Dianne Fernance, Anastasia Koutsellis (Terrigal)

Senior Pairs:

Winners:        Pat Neal, Lesley Swales (Umina Beach)

Runners Up:   Barbara Cornfield, Carol McCrohon (Valentine)


Winners:        Lesley Bickford, Freida Wells, Gayle Gannon (Charlestown)

Runners Up:   Penny McLeod, Maureen Kerr, Judy King (Ettalong Mem.)

Open Fours:

Winners:       Penny McLeod, Leanne Chenoweth, Judy King, Margaret Smith (Ettalong Mem.)

Runners Up:  Sharon Gilmore, Kay Johnston, Rhonda Littlewood, Rosemary Wayland (Valentine)

Senior Fours:

Winners:       Sandra Lindsay, Heather McColl, Kaye Arnott, Sandra Anderson (Gosford City)

Runners Up:  Lyn Genders, Patricia White, Halina Wuro, Valentine Fullick (Charlestown)

Mixed Pairs:

Winners:       Anthony Shoebridge, Diane Whittaker (Terrigal)

Runners Up:  Vicki Fletcher, Geoff Armstrong (Valentine)

Congratulations to all players for reaching the Regional Playoffs.  

The winners will now go on to play at the State Playoffs to be held at Taren Point Bowling Club September 3rd to 11th.   This is a knockout event and we wish all our Region 6 winners good bowling.

Singles 3rd & 4th; Open & Senior Pairs 5th & 6th;   Open & Senior Fours 7th & 8th,  Mixed Pairs Sunday 9th,  Triples 10th & 11th. 

Photos can be seen in photo gallery 

Lesley Swales  website editor