1940 - 2006

The inception of the District virtually took place at an inaugural meeting held on 18th June, 1940. As you read on you will understand the reason for the change of Birthday date. This meeting took place at Gosford Bowling Club, Dane Drive, Gosford when the members of Woy Woy WBC, Wyong WBC and Gosford WBC met to form a District. State President Mrs Wolinski was invited to attend the inaugural meeting to assist the members with her expert guidance. The meeting was opened with the singing of God Save the King (King George V of England). It was moved by Mrs. James [Wyong] seconded by Mrs Size [Woy Woy] that a District Association be formed with power to add.

Having resolved that a District Association be formed, the next step was to give it a name. Several names were put forward as follows: - The Robertson DWBA, The Orange Grove DWBA and The Gosford DWBA. After a show of hands the name decided upon was The Gosford DWBA. State President Mrs Wolinski declared the newly formed District be named as Gosford District Womens Bowling Association.

However, in later years the name was changed yet again, on two occasions, due to the fact that the District increased in size as did the distance between Clubs. First change came in 1942 and was named Brisbane Water DWBA, then in 1960 changed to Central Coast DWBA as it is known today.

A Committee was the next step. As a gesture Mrs. L. Frazer [Gosford BC] was requested to accept the honour of being the Patron which she accepted with pleasure. Election of President then followed and the successful candidate was Mrs. C. Size of Woy Woy Bowling Club. Three Vice Presidents were nominated and elected, one Vice President from each of the three Clubs present at the meeting. These Vice Presidents were Mrs James [Wyong], Mrs Graham [Gosford] and Mrs Martin [Woy Woy]. The Honorary Secretary was Mrs. Peck [Gosford}; Honorary Treasurer Mrs. Dixon [Wyong] and Publicity Officer Mrs Peck [Gosford].

It was resolved that there be two delegates from each of the three Clubs to attend the monthly District meetings to be held at Gosford Bowling Club. One Delegate also was to attend the NSWWBA Council Meetings to be held in Sydney each month. President Mrs Size was elected as Delegate to NSWWBA.

The Permanent Committees were formed at a later meeting. Having formed the necessary Executive Officers and delegates, the next step was to determine the fees to be imposed on the Member Clubs to the Association each year. It was resolved that a Capitation Fee of Two Shillings and Sixpence (2/6 = 25 cents) be paid by each member to the District each year.

A set of rules had to be set down, and as suggested by State President Mrs Wolinski, The Northumberland NSW Association Rule Book be adopted, this being Parliamentary Rules by way of carrying out meetings, dealing with bowlers playing with unaffiliated Members/Clubs or Districts, penalties to be imposed for misdemeanour and disputes. It was then moved and seconded that the Rules as presented by State President be received and adopted.

So the District was formed with a humble beginning and a few teething problems as one would expect. Everyone was happy performing their duties and paving the way for the future members of the District. Unfortunately, Australia's involvement in World War II put so much pressure on the members that the Association was forced to disband in 1942 after only being formed in 1940.

A resolution was passed at the October meeting that if Clubs became depleted on account of the war, they could still carry on with fewer members than first decided upon, viz: eight members each Club.

Re-Formed District:
In May 1946, three Clubs Gosford, Woy Woy and The Entrance WBCs formed an Association and re-registered it under the title of The Brisbane Water District Womens Bowling Association. The Executive being President Mrs Lou Frazer [Gosford], Hon. Secretary Mrs. Evelyn Peck [Gosford] and Mrs Connie Cullen [The Entrance] as Treasurer and Delegate to NSWWBA. The First Annual Report revealed a total of forty members of the District three Clubs.

In 1952 the Annual Report revealed four Womens Bowling Clubs on the Central Coast as Wyong joined the Association, making the membership a total of eighty-four (84) financial members. Between the years 1955 1959 four more Clubs joined the Association, namely Everglades, Umina Beach, Terrigal and Toukley, making a total of eight Clubs in the District.

1960 the name of the District was changed to Central Coast District Womens Bowling Association as it is known today. There were now ten affiliated Clubs in the Districts as Toukley Memorial and A & C joined the ranks. (A & C standing for Agricultural and Citrus, later on changing its name to Gosford RSL.)

From 1961 1968 a further eleven Clubs joined the District, namely: Mangrove, Avoca Beach, Bateau Bay, Ourimbah-Lisarow, Gwandalan, Doyalson-Wyee, Golden Hind, Wyong RSL, Halekulani, Ettalong Memorial and Long Jetty who later changed it name to Tuggerah Lakes Memorial.

1971 Munmorah joined. Mooney Mooney and Davistown joined in 1974. Mingara joined the ranks in 1983 and last but not least, Terrigal Memorial (later changing its name to Wamberal) making a grand total of twenty-six Clubs and a total of 4,280 financial members in 1987.

Unfortunately the District witnessed a downward turn from 1988; for reasons unknown, as the membership of the Central Coast District declined to 3,709 in 1995.

We were saddened to see the disbandment of Mangrove in 1993 and Gosford RSL in 1995, for different reasons unavoidable to both Clubs.

The closure of these two Clubs was not the cause of the drop in the number of members, as most of their members joined other Clubs on the Central Coast. Although we lost two Clubs, we did not lose the members. Then in 1998 Mooney Mooney found they could no longer operate, but in 2002 Norah Head joined the Association making our total of 24 Clubs today. At our 2005 Annual Report our membership stood at 2,452 including late payers.

Life Members:
Back to 1952 Mrs. Pauline Ford of The Entrance was elected as District President and held this position for eleven years. In 1962 Life Membership of CCDWBA was conferred upon Pauline and in 1988 being the Australian Bicentennial year, Pauline was presented with a Bicentennial Medallion as she was chosen with 1200 women to receive the Woman 88 Award from throughout Australia. A big achievement for her services over the years towards the Womens Bowling fraternity and one to be proud of.

In 1985 Pauline presented a trophy to the District. The trophy was shipped out from England especially made to her own design in the shape of a bell. which when struck sounded similar to Big Ben. This trophy was called The Pauline & Henry Ford Trophy in memory of her late husband, Henry. Over the years entries for this event became less and less and because of the lack of interest by Clubs, the District was forced to discontinue the event from 1995. The Trophy has been given to The Entrance Bowling Club for their Trophy cabinet.

In 1956 Life Membership was conferred upon Mrs. Evelyn Peck in appreciation of her dedication and service to the Association, Mrs Peck being the first person to receive this honour in the District. Other Life Members were Mrs. Pauline Ford, Mrs. Kath Jones, Mrs. Beatrice Dowling, Mrs. Jessie Gallagher and Mrs Phyllis Holloway. These ladies will remain the only Life Members of the District.

As from 5th September, 1986 all Districts were directed by NSWWBA Inc that the terminology Life Member of State and Districts has been discontinued. Therefore there is no longer provision in the CCDWBA Constitution for Life Member or Life Members. The quote from NSWWBA says Any person already holding this honour as at 31st August 1986 will not be affected by this Ruling.

In December 1959, after giving twelve years service to the Association as Hon .Secretary, Mrs. Evelyn Peck resigned to take up the position as State Secretary, a position she held for seventeen years until she retired. The assistance given to the District and State Association by Mrs Peck is gratefully appreciated and she will always be remembered with pride and gratitude by both Associations. The vacant position was jointly filled by Miss Hilda Sneddon [Wyong] and Miss Nan Porter of Terrigal, but owing to ill health of Miss Snedden, both ladies resigned in July, 1960. This position was then filled by Mrs. Jessie Gallagher [Gosford] who held the office of Secretary for the next five years.

CCDWBA Badge: (1962)
The Central Coast now being well established, the matter of having their own District Badge was brought forward and members were requested to submit suitable designs for perusal. The design submitted by Mrs. Pauline Ford was chosen as the most appropriate design for the District. 200 of these Badges were ordered from Farmer & Co. at the cost of 2/6 each Badge. The badge is quite unique in its design it is in the form of a white seagull hovering over the blue water and gold sand and below is a black bowl and in the middle of the bowl is a white jack. The bowl is inscribed with the lettering Central Coast DWBA - blue and gold being the Districts colours.

In 1963 in compliance with NSWWBA the suggestion of a restricted three years term of office for the District President and District Vice Presidents was put and carried by the Association. After loyal service to the District for eleven years, Mrs. P. Ford retired as District President. Mrs. Irene Budnick [Toukley] was duly elected, but after only two years in office, did not seek re-election due to ill health. The vacant position was filled in 1965 by Mrs. J. Gallagher.

The Association held its 21st Birthday at Terrigal Bowling Club on 13th November, 1967. On 10th March, 1986 a 40th Birthday Anniversary celebration was held at The Entrance Bowling Club Daphne Lilburn [Wyong] being the then District President. At that time a District Vice President was Mrs. Esme Dries [Halekulani]. Esme also had the honour of being a former State President of NSWWBA Inc. Also in 1987 Mrs Esme Dries was recognised in the Queens Birthday Honours List with an O.A.M. for her services to Lawn Bowls and a charity known to all bowlers as Bowl for Others. Esme was truly a very dedicated lady and an honour well deserved for services rendered.

In 1964 Mrs. Jess Gallagher [Gosford] accepted the position of C & D Group Representative, which position entitled her to be an Executive of State NSWWBA. After two years, Jess retired from this position. That same year, Life Membership of CCDWBA was bestowed upon Jess.

Umpires Group
On 22nd September, 1967 Mrs Jess Gallagher formed a Central Coast District Official Umpires Discussion Group. The Group was formed with a few members and when it was well established, Mrs. Gallagher as Leader, retired and the new Leader became Mrs. Grace Buttonshaw who held this position from 1974 to 1981

In October 2004, NSWWBA Umpires Board advised that Bowls Australia had adopted a new National Officiating Program for umpire accreditation. There were three levels of umpires. Level 1 officiate at Club and District level. Level 2 officiate up to State and National level, and Level 3 officiate up to International level.

Each District was requested to form a Sub-Committee and ours was formed on 17th August 2005 with Valma Allen [Bateau Bay], Norma Barry [Wyong] and Ida Campbell [Woy Woy] as Chairman for one year. The Sub-Committee did the accreditation for all Level 1 umpires, Measurers etc. and State did the Level 2. Chairman Ida reports to the District meetings each month on the workings of her Committee.

Coaching Group
On 19th July, 1988 Mrs Ida Campbell, being a National Coach Level 1, requested permission from NSWWBA to form a Central Coast District Coaching Discussion Group. Permission was given and on 7th September, 1988 the inaugural meeting was held at Terrigal BC to form a Group. Mrs. Ida Campbell was elected as Leader and on her retirement Mrs. Mary Reynolds (Halekulani) took over as Leader. The Recorder was Mrs Faith Berry of Gosford City who is also Chairman of the Coaching Panel of NSWWBA.inc.  This Group was the first of its kind formed in the State.

In Conclusion:
I would like to acknowledge the input by Mrs. Ida Campbell [Woy Woy] of the first 50 years history of the Association. I have only done the last 10 years.

An attempt has been made to give an account of the Central Coast District Womens Bowling Associations progress and special events over the past years and it is hoped there is no-one or any notable event overlooked.

Mrs PATRICIA REYNOLDS    Hon. Secretary  July  2006





BRIEF HISTORY – 1940 – 2016  

1940 – 18th June -   Members of Woy Woy, Wyong and Gosford WBC’s held an inaugural meeting to form a District.   Mrs. Wolinski, State President, was invited to attend to assist in the forming of the District.   Having resolved that a District Association be formed it was then decided by a vote that the District be known as “Gosford District Women’s Bowling Association”.

Foundation Members – 1940

GOSFORD WBC:      W.C. Grahame, L. Frazer, F. Pryor, A. Schwartz, W. Snelling, L. Edwards, M. Bucnan, E. Peck, E. Mortimor, A. Woods, W.C.Windsor, S.Wells, G.Tooley, L.Gregory, M. Penfold, J.Rosenfelder, G.Halcombe, E.Holcombe.

WOY WOY WBC: I. Thorsby, R. Martin, A. Meadows, A. Clancy, E. Bannan, I. Owens, C. Size, E. Cooper, A. Beckett, A. Vokes.

WYONG WBC: N. Dodds, K. Dixon, A. James, E. Kay, L.Smith, E.Smith, C.E.Smith, S.Doust, N.Armstrong, E.Lawson, E.Mortimer, J.Smith.


1942 - The District had a name change due to an increase in size.   It then became known as “Brisbane Water D.W.B.A.”     Unfortunately, due to pressure put on members by Australia’s involvement in World War 11 the District was forced to disband in 1942.

1946 - May – Three clubs: Gosford, Woy Woy and The Entrance W.B.C.’s, formed an Association and re-registered it under the title of ‘Brisbane Water District Women’s Bowling Association.”

1952 – Wyong WBC joined the Association giving a total membership of 84 financial members.

Between 1955-59 four more Clubs joined: Everglades, Umina Beach, Terrigal and Toukley [now known as Canton Beach], making a total of 8 Clubs in the District.

1960 - The name of the District was changed to “Central Coast District Women’s Bowling Association” to reflect the growing membership spread across the entire Central Coast. There were now 10 affiliated Clubs in the District with Toukley Memorial and ‘A & C’ [Agricultural and Citrus – later becoming Gosford RSL] joining the Association.

From 1961 – 68 a further 11 Clubs joined the District: Mangrove, Avoca Beach, Bateau Bay, Ourimbah-Lisarow, Gwandalan, Doyalson-Wyee, Golden Hind, Wyong R.S.L., Halekulani, Ettalong Memorial and Long Jetty [later changed to Tuggerah Lakes Memorial and then they became Diggers @ the Entrance].  

Munmorah joined in 1971, Mooney-Mooney and Davistown in 1974, Mingara in 1983 and Terrigal Memorial [later changed to Wamberal and now known as Breakers] in 1987.   This made a total of 26 clubs with 4,280 financial members.  

Unfortunately, in 1993 Mangrove WBC was disbanded as was Gosford R.S.L. in 1995, for reasons unavoidable to both Clubs. We also lost Mooney Mooney WBC which closed in 1998.

In 2002 Norah Head WBC was formed and became part of the association.  

Since then we have seen both Doyalson-Wyee WBC and more recently Toukley Memorial WBC close.  

In 2016 we have 22 clubs in our Association with membership currently at  1537


collated by Lesley Swales  website editor